Volunteers have always been an essential resource for the  Forestville Fire District and the citizens we serve. In fact Volunteers served the community for many years before the District hired its first full-time Career Firefighters. Our volunteers continue to provide the staffing necessary to allow our first-out engine and rescue unit to respond to emergencies with a minimum of three personnel. Volunteers also staff the District's other resources, water tenders, and engines as needed.

While Volunteers are not paid an hourly wage, they do receive a nominal fee for responding to emergencies, attending training drills, and working shifts. Volunteers are required to attend a minimum of 70 hours of training per year and to respond to at least 20% of the Districts emergency incidents annually.

Becoming a Volunteer

Individuals interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter with the Forestville Fire District must live or work  in the District or live or work within 10 minutes driving time of the District's Fire Station.  Candidates for Volunteer Firefighter  should expect to pass an oral interview, physical agility test, an in-depth medical exam, and background investigation.
The minimum age to become a Volunteer with the Forestville Fire Protection District is 16 years of age. Volunteer Firefighters between the age of 16 and 18 are considered Cadets.  Cadets are limited in the duties due to their age however; after completing a 100 hour Fire Academy and under direct supervision, they are allowed to perform many of the support tasks that the Career and Volunteer Firefighters perform on the fire ground or emergency scene. 

At age 18, Cadets may be selected to become Volunteer Firefighters with the District after demonstrating proficiency in their training and successfully completing the required oral interview, medical exam, and background investigation.

Candidates over the age of 18 must also complete the District's 100 hour Fire Academy before becoming an Active Volunteer Firefighter with the District.

Testing Dates
Testing for Volunteer positions generally occurs on an as-needed basis. If you are interested in becoming  a Volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Interest Card and return it to the District. You are welcome to contact the District at any time to determine the next scheduled testing date.

Download the Volunteer Interest Card » (PDF)