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Personnel Assignments


Training personnel are responsible for providing continuous service for fire control and suppression, rescue, medical aid, and hazardous materials incidents. Training personnel are also responsible for providing
  • state and federally mandated training
  • ongoing continuing education related to hazardous materials, fire suppression and EMS
  • updating personnel in new technologies and methodologies to ensure preparedness for the broad range of situations to which the Fire District responds.

Apparatus and Equipment Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance personnel perform maintenance and minor repairs on District vehicles and equipment. Maintenance personnel are also responsible for purchasing new vehicles and equipment as well as coordinating major vehicle repairs and warranty work with outside vendors.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Personnel are responsible for
  • coordinating the District’s ongoing business inspection program
  • conducting Wildland Defensible Space inspections for homeowners
  • coordinating public education, station tours, and school visits
  • first aid training and CPR training.

Coordination with Other Agencies

The District utilizes the services of the Sonoma County Department of Emergency Services (DES) for new construction inspections and plan review. The District also works collaboratively with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to conduct Wildland Defensible Space Inspections in the community.