Fire Prevention

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Nearly one third of home fire victims lose their lives in fires that are smoking-related.

The members of the Forestville Fire Protection District want to keep our citizens fire safe and prevent fires when ever possible. Every firefighter hates to see a loved one die in a fire or see families saddened by a fire death especially when they can be prevented.

The Forestville Fire Protection District does everything we can do to keep the community safe through fire inspections an fire safety messages. There are many fire prevention and fire safety tips that can be followed to lower the risk of starting a fire in your home. 


Here are some key tips to remember when it comes to fire safety and prevention.
  • The number one rule to remember is if you catch on fire or see someone on fire, tell them to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. This will remove the oxygen from the flames and will smother the fire out.
  • Having fire extinguishers in your house and around the kitchen are always a good idea. In case of a cooking fire that involves hot grease, never put water on it. Water will spread the fire and the heat and flames with intensify. The steam explodes and blows the oil everywhere. View a stovetop fire video »
  • Never play with matches! If you see a child playing with matches, tell an adult. Matches can cause a fire which can burn down a forest and can cause a disaster.
  • Never plug too many appliances into one circuit because it may overload the circuit and cause a fire. Check all wiring before plugging it into a electrical outlet. Exposed wiring can spark under a rug and cause a fire.
  • Every year, there are nearly 14,000 dryer related fires. This is due to lint and dust build up. The CPSC recommends that your clean the lint filter after every use and make sure the drying is working properly.

Smoke Detectors

The Forestville Fire District sponsors a free smoke detector program. The smoke detectors can be picked up from the firehouse. In order to qualify for the program, you must live in the District. If needed, the fire department personnel can install them into your house. Smoke detectors do save lives. The batteries must be changed twice a year. The easiest time to remember to change the battery is when you change your clocks for day light savings.