Firefighter's Association

Organized in 1978, the purpose of the Firefighter's Association is to form camaraderie among the career and volunteer members of the District and to provide a meeting place to discuss common interests and concerns.


The Association sponsors social functions and fund-raising activities. The majority of the profits (typically over $10,000 annually) are donated to nonprofit organizations, local charities, needy individuals, and other community groups and services. The Association also donates funds to the Forestville Fire District to purchase equipment that will directly benefit the citizens of the community. A small percentage of the Association’s fund raising pays for an annual holiday dinner for current and retired members of the Association.

The Association also maintains an Emergency Assistance Fund for its members.
The Association hosts two annual fund raisers: the Pancake Breakfast typically held in May on the Sunday before Mother’s Day, and the annual mail out raffle beginning in July and ending on Labor Day each year.

Helping the Community

Association members also participate in volunteer work in the community including installing the lighted Christmas decorations in town, setup of the Youth Park Barbecue, assisting with the Town Clean Up Day, the Toys for Tots and Giving Tree, and coaching local sports teams.

The Forestville Firefighters Association is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

More Info   

Forestville Firefighters Association
P.O. Box 733
Forestville, Ca 95436